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Marco Island, Florida Articles

Crocodiles - The ABCs of the Florida Landscape by Maureen Sullivan-Hartung
Crocodiles, from the Greek word crocodilos, which means lizard, are large reptiles, that bear a striking resemblance to the alligator, and are believed to have descended from the dinosaurs. Crocodiles are known to have inhabited the earth for more than 200 million years, living in swampy areas and near riverbanks. Florida's native crocodile is an inhabitant of our saltwater shorelines, located along the mangrove-bordered southern shores of the Everglades National Park. Crocodiles are cold-blooded reptiles, with scaly skins, that seek a warm habitat year-round; and both sexes have been known to live up to 70+ years.

Eew - It's an Eel! - The ABCs of the Florida Landscape by Maureen Sullivan-Hartung
According to my trusty expert, Renee Wilson, the Coastal Training Specialist at the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Center, here in Naples, there are indeed eels in our estuaries and on our near-shore reefs. She has also shared with us that there are several species of moray eel found in this area, as well as even a few conger and worm eel species. Oftentimes these eels are mistaken as snakes; however, fear not, as there are no sea snakes in Florida. Fortunately for the eel, it is this fear and prejudice against snakes here in North America that has prevented the eel from becoming a popular dish at the dinner table.

Marco Island, Florida -
Five-Star Resort or Remote Fly Fishing Paradise?

A Brief History by Kathleen McNamara
Brief summation of the Island's history from the early Calusa Indians to its modern day development by the Deltona Development Company.

Marco Island Florida by Norm Goldman

Island Reflections by Herb Savage